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April 2014 Ipsy Review

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Hello again!  I'm baaaccckkk.  lol  I know I am really hit or miss with my posting and I apologize for that.  Unfortunately the up and down weather over winter really affects my bones and when my pain levels get to a certain point, I don't feel like doing much, not even my nails.  I have, however, still been getting and enjoying the items in my monthly Ipsy bags even though I haven't posted them all here for you to see.  If you would like me to a 'catch-up' post on the bags between the last one I posted (November I believe) and now, just let me know in the comments and I will do that.

For those not familiar with Ipsy, it is a monthly beauty subscription plan where you receive 4 to 5 deluxe to full-sized beauty products per month for just $10.  They do have a points program where you can earn points for referrals, reviewing the items you receive, and site participation.  They do have a wait-list from time to time so if you are considering joining, you may be put on the list for a short time.  You don't have to, but if you'd like to join, I'd consider it an honor if you'd use my referral code by clicking here.  When you join, you fill out a short quiz and then they start personalizing your bags from there and from the reviews you do on each product every month.  During these reviews, you can tell them that you love something, hate it, would like it in your bag again, or not like it.  You can also retake your quiz at any time to sort of re-set things.

The theme for April is Beauty Rocks.  Your items will come in a make-up bag that is different each month.  This month's bag looks like this:

In this photo it looks purple, but it is actually a very dark navy-ish blue, with a 45 record & needle printed on it.  This one is more square shaped than ones I've received in the past and I actually do like it.  I may not use it to carry around in my purse, but I will definitely find a use for it.

I received 5 items in April:  Dr Brandt Microdermabrasion Skin Exfoliant (sample size); Demeter Roll-On Perfume Oil in the scent Jasmine (full size); Mary Kay @ Play Jelly Lip Gloss in Berry Me (full size); Elizabeth Mott Pop Goes The Shadow in Champagne (full size), and Urban Decay 24/7 Velvet Glide-On Eye Pencil Travel Size in Black Velvet (deluxe size).

Swatches of Elizabeth Mott Eyeshadow on the left, Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil in the middle, and Mary Kay @ Play lip gloss on right.

Price breakdown:
     Dr Brandt Microdermabrasion Skin Exfoliant 0.25 fl oz approx $9.75
      (full size is 2 oz and sells for $78)
     Demeter Roll-On Perfurm Oil 0.29 fl oz $10
     Mary Kay@Play Lip Gloss 0.32 fl oz $10
     Elizabeth Mott Pop Goes The Shadow 0.07 oz $12.99
     UD 24/7 Eye Pencil 0.03 oz approx $15
     (full size is 0.04 oz and is $20)

Total value approx $57.74.  For $10, that is not a bad deal at all.  I may end up putting the Dr. Brandt up for trade as I have very sensitive skin and am very particular about what I use in my skin care routine and I'm not quite sure the Jasmine scent is up my alley quite yet.  I'm not usually a floral scent kind of person, but this one does smell quite nice so I may keep it.  Even if you don't like all the items you receive every month, it's usually a really good value for getting to try something you might normally not.  Since joining a year ago, I've discovered several new to me brands, tried colors I never would have, and thanks to the trading board that Ipsy has on Facebook, I've been able to trade the items that wasn't quite right for me for items I preferred.  This is also great for those who are just starting out with beauty items as a way to start building their collections.

And there we have my April 2014 Ipsy bag.  Do you receive Ipsy and if so, what did you receive in your bag?  Please let me know in the comments!

As always, thank you for spending a bit of your time with me.  Until later...Huggles!

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  1. Just sitting here reading your words. I do that a lot because I miss talking to you so very much that it hurts and this somehow makes me feel a little bit closer to you. Your 50th birthday would have been in a week, but you will be spending that in heaven where I just know you will be making every angel in the place smile from ear to ear. I guess this world just had to share you, but I miss you dearly my beautiful friend. :*( I hold you safe inside my own heart. <3


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