Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Just a real quick post to wish everyone a Happy Halloween!  I'll post my very first nail art attempt later tonight.  :0)

Monday, October 29, 2012

It's Monday, but on Wednesday's We Wear...PINK!

Good evening, my dear readers.  On this cold, windy late evening here in central Ohio, I've been praying that all my East Coast friends and family in Connecticut have been staying safe.  We're starting to feel some of the affects of the Frankenstorm here:  it's been raining for a couple of days and the wind is starting to gust up to 60 mph in some places, the temp has started to drop and we're expecting our first snowfall over night.  Some places have already lost power and I wouldn't be surprised if we don't lose ours sometime in the next 24 hours as we usually do whenever the wind starts up.  We're as prepared as we can be: extra batteries, water, food, emergency medical kit, extra blankets, etc, etc.  We've been through this before and we'll probably go though it again in the future, I'm sure.  Please keep us in your thoughts, but think of those on the East Coast first and pray that this storm will not last as long as predicted.

Now onto the reason for my post tonight.  I have another beautiful polish from Different Dimension to share with you.  This one is called "On Wednesday's We Wear PINK".  This polish is a creamy pink jelly base packed with pink holographic glitter and different shades of pink hexes and some color shifting glitter added for some fun.  This can be worn alone or over an undie for a different look.  I decided to wear it alone as my last tribute of the month to Breast Cancer Awareness.

Without further ado, for your viewing pleasure, the photo's:  (This is 1 coat Revlon Base Coat, 4 coats On Wednesdays We Wear Pink, 2 Coats Out The Door Top Coat.)

4 coats for opacity.

I love how sparkly this is.

Isn't this a fun color?

Do you own any polishes from Different Dimension?  If so, which one(s)?

*This polish was purchased with my own money.*

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Nail Mail...again

Good morning, my darling readers.  It's early Saturday morning and I hope everyone is getting an opportunity to sleep in today.  I had an exciting week.  I won two different give-aways, received an Etsy order, and hubby surprised me with a bottle of polish I looked at while at Sally's last night, China Glaze's Strawberry Fields.

First we have the give-away items I won from the Halloween give-away that Lacquer-Loving Lawyer had on her blog.  The prizes were 3 polishes from Blackheart Beauty made for Hot Topic.  The colors are Party Action, WTFushia, and Deceit as well as Sally Hanson Salon Effect's Numbskull Design.  I was really excited about the nail strips as I've been wanting to try them since they first came out.

The photo's, for your viewing pleasure:

Of course, Mr MoJo is back to inspect everything.

It looks like he's thinking, "Where's the catnip?"

From left to right:  Party Action, WTFushia, Deceit

Polishes and the nail strips.

More after the jump.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Orange You Glad...It's almost Halloween!

Good evening my darling readers.  I hope you all have had a terrific Tuesday.  The weather was beautiful today, until the weather man mentioned that *S* word that ends in now, for the weekend.  If it does, it'll be a bit early as we don't get it until right around Thanksgiving usually.

Today, for your viewing pleasure, I have Spoiled-Orange You Glad.  It's a beautiful orange and cheered me up as soon as I had it on.  There is a very slight gold shimmer that you can see both in the bottle and on the nail.  If you don't like the prowide brush, then you may not like this one as it has the wide, paddle like brush.  I happen to like them, but then I'm not hard to please when it comes to the brush, as long as it goes on my nails nicely.  :0)  The application was nice and smooth and it dried nicely without the aid of a fast drying topcoat, even though I did choose to use one, just for the extra shine.

Without further ado, here is Orange You Glad.

I  used 3 coats and I could still see a bit of visible nail line.

1 coat each of Revlon base coat and Out The Door topcoat.

Isn't she a pretty color for Halloween?  This photo is as close to true color as I could get.

This is another polish I bought from Wishes of a Blue-Eyed Girl blog sale, which is still going on, just click on her Blog Sale page to see what she has left.

Do you have any Spoiled polishes and if so, what is your favorite?

Thank you for spending a small part of your Tuesday with me.  I hope you have a wonderful evening!  Huggles!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

In Support of...Chronic Pain Awareness

Good afternoon, my darling readers!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday!

I have another polish made by Missi at Different Dimension.  She has several polishes you can order from her regular and Halloween lines available and she also takes custom orders.  The one I have for you today was a custom color I asked for and ordered in September, since it was Chronic Pain Awareness month.  The color of the ribbon for CPA is purple, which is also used for Domestic Violence Awareness, which is this month.  Missi has a polish called No-More, which she donates 50% of the earnings from to a local shelter in her town.  The polish I had her create for me is similiar to No-More, but there are differences.  If you want to see what No-More looks like, click here to be taken to her Etsy store.

My review, after the jump. (photo heavy)

Avez-vous vu une manucure française aujourd'hui?

Good early morning, darling readers.  The above translates from French to English as "Have you seen a french manicure today?"  :0)  Thank goodness for google translator for the help with that one.

It's been a busy day today around our household.  I almost lost my nails during the Ohio State/Purdue game when we (Ohio) were down 8 points in the final minutes of the 4th quarter.  If I'd had teeth, they'd definitely be gone (my nails, that is!) because I would have chewed them off in my nervousness.  But we tied and went into overtime, then won by a touchdown.  Woohoo BUCKEYES!  (Sorry to rub it in for those Purdue fans out there.) Then my daughter stopped by with my grandson and his older brother and sister.  It was a very nice visit.

Their visit leads me to my first photo this morning.  I have a new hand model!  I, however, am not the one who did her manicure, that was done by my daughter.  :)  This is one coat of the new color changing pink polish I received in nail mail this week on the 4 fingers, with 1 coat of Kleancolor Pinky Moon on the middle and pinky fingers.  On the thumb is 2 coats of Sally Hansen Hard As Nails, Hard to Get and the zebra stripes were done with LA Color Art Deco in Black.

I think Jamie did an excellent job of modeling for me, don't you?  And her nails are adorable!  I may have her as a guest model from time to time, whenever she comes to visit.  She isn't my granddaughter by blood, but she is my grandson's half sister so I'll claim her as my granddaughter.  :0)  

My french manicure, after the jump.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Every woman should have a pair of....Ruby Pumps!

Good early morning, my darling readers.  I hope everyone has had a good start to their week-end.  It was a rainy, gray day here in Central Ohio and in the fall, that means additional pain for me, but I try to take it in stride and adjust accordingly.  I wasn't able to change my mani for a few days because I'd run out of cotton balls but while hubby and I were out doing errands earlier in the night, I picked some up, so I'll have a new review for you tomorrow!

And now onto today's review....China Glaze Ruby Pumps.  Oh my gosh, I love it!  It is just the right shade of deep red, with beautiful flashes of gold (at least to these old eyes) in it.  It's gorgeous in the bottle and looks even better on the nails.  I even did my first successful french mani with it too, which I'll show y'all tomorrow before the new review.  The formula is wonderful and I had no problems with application.  This is one coat Revlon Base Coat, 2 coats Ruby Pumps, and 1 coat Out The Door.  I saw just a bit of VNL but it didn't bother me because the color is just so pretty, I overlooked it.  :<)

And now for your viewing pleasure, it's CG Ruby Pumps!  (please excuse the mess, I didn't do a very good job at clean-up because I was in a hurry to get photo's done before I woke hubby for work).

I tried a different background this time, my shower curtain.  lol

 I think my fingers look a bit odd because my middle finger curves badly from a break years ago and my pinky is just sooo short.  Are any of your fingers a lot shorter than the others?

Not the greatest clean-up job here, but I was in a really big hurry.  Hopefully my clean-up will get a lot better as time goes on.

And there we have China Glaze Ruby Pumps.  This has to be one of my favorite polishes, so far, and I can see myself wearing it quite often.  Do you have Ruby Pumps?  If so, how do you feel about it?

A surprise and nail mail, after the jump.  :0)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Introducing Buddy and Elsie

17 October 2012 7:11 pm

Since I introduced my kitty, MoJo, in my nail mail post, I thought I would introduce y'all to our other fur kids. (Photo heavy)

 This is Buddy.  We think he is a ridgeless Rhodesian Ridgeback mix.  Mixed with what, we aren't sure.  Our daughter adopted him from a local shelter as a 6 week old puppy and was told he was a beagle mix.  If he's a beagle, he's the biggest one I've ever seen!

 He was 2 years old at the time of this photo.  He is now 6.

My daughter and I had a birthday party for Buddy on his 2nd Birthday.  He loved his hat!

 He loves being a goof ball.  lol

 He's handsome and he knows it.  :0)

He likes to talk...a lot!  lol

And now our baby girl, Elsie.  She might be the oldest of the fur babies, at 7, but she's still playful.  She was feral born to a stray cat under our house, in the old neighborhood.  As far as we know, she was born without her back, left paw.  It doesn't affect her though, she runs and plays just like any other kitty.  

When she stretches out on her back like this, she thinks she doing a trick for a treat.  :D

She loves sleeping on top of the hamper so I put a couple towels on it.  Spoiled?  Not at all.  lol 

Elsie is leash trained so she gets to go outside with us and Buddy when we sit out on the patio in the evenings.  And she's a talker too.  *giggle*

Nail Mail!

17 October 2012

I received a package in my mailbox last Saturday and wasn't able to get it until Monday.  Thankfully my loving hubby picked it up for me (big smooches for him!).  This is what I got from the blog sale that Wishes Of A Blue Eyed Girl is having.  If you have the funds, go check out and see what she has left available for sale.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Radiation and Luxury - In A Bottle?

15 October 2012 8:42 am

Good morning, my darling readers. Today is going to be a long post as I have 2 polishes for your viewing pleasure!  The first up is another from LA Colors. It is Color Craze Radiation. In the bottle it's a greenish-teal with a hint of gold shimmer. But once on, it has more of a silver shimmer to it and it looks more green to me than teal. But that may just be my old eyes (lol) playing tricks on me. I also changed my base coat to Revlon's Colorstay. It has a wide, flat brush which I like for the most part, except on my index and pinky nails, which have smaller nail beds than the rest of my fingers. These larger brushes I have to be careful with on those nails so I don't flood my cuticles. Do you happen to use this same base coat? If so, what do you think of it? I'm still experimenting to find out what works best for me.

This is 3 coats of Radiation. The formula on the LA Colors Color Craze polishes I've tried so far is very thin and I've had to use thin coats so as not to flood my cuticles or have it pool at the end of my nails. I topped off with one coat of Out The Door. And now to the photos so you can see Radiation in all his glory.

Here he is in the bottle.

And here he is on my nails.

Do you own LA Colors Color Craze Radiation? What do you think of the forumla of this polish?

The second color I bring to you today is Color Club's Untamed Luxury.  I've seen this described as a teal, turquoise, and aqua, but to me it looks more green and it is glittery.  Very glittery!  Looking at it in the bottle, it looks to have very small flecks of gold and silver in with the green glitter, all in a slightly tinted green jelly-like base.  For a person who normally doesn't like green in any shade, I LOVE this!  Both in the bottle and on my nails.

Here I've layered one coat of Untamed Luxury over Radiation, which I was already wearing and I followed it with one coat of China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat.  With no further ado, I introduce you to Untamed Luxury:

Here he is in the bottle.

And here he is on my nails.

Do you own Color Club Untamed Luxury?  

As always, thank you for spending some time with me today and I hope you have a wonderful Monday!  Huggles!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

It's A Pink Moon!

October 14, 2012 5:25 am

Good early morning, my darling readers! I hope most of you are still asleep this early in the day. Unfortunately I've gotten my sleep schedule a bit messed up again and I'm on night shift, which I guess will work well this week seeing as how my hubby is working that shift the next 5 nights as well. :0)

This morning I have for your viewing pleasure Kleancolor's Pinky Moon. I just love how this looks in the bottle. From just looking at it, you would think it goes on pink, but it's a clear base with silver bars, silver glitter, and cute little moons in it. Because of this, I really struggled getting photo's, especially with the icky lighting I have. For now, I've been taking photo's in my bath room and I suppose I should switch out the bulbs to something a little better than the current compact fluroscent bulbs I have in there now since everything seems to have a slight yellow cast to it. And now for the first photo, which is of the bottle.

I messed around with the settings on my camera some and backlit this photo. It didn't turn out too bad, I think.

Here I was trying to get a closer up view of the moons on the nail. I did have to do a little fishing in the bottle to make sure that each nail had at least one moon on it. I also backlit this photo.

This photo I didn't backlight so you can see the cast my lights leave. Maybe I should backlight all my photo's from now on?

I've included this one, even though the middle fingernail has a chunck of polish missing because I wanted to show y'all what happens when your 154 pound dog decides he has to go out NOW! and you have wet nails. lol

The underwear (or base polish, if you'd rather) I used is 2 coats LA Colors Color Crazy Summertime, which I featured in my very first post, followed by 2 coats of the Kleancolor Pinky Moon, and 1 thick coat of Out The Door since the Pinky Moon felt just a bit rough after the second coat and the top coat smoothed everything nicely.

Do you have Kleancolor Pinky Moon and if so, what have you worn it over?

Thank you for spending a few minutes of your day with me today and I hope you have an absolutely wonderful day! Huggles!

Friday, October 12, 2012

A Little Spicy 11 October 2012

Good morning, my darling readers! I hope it's warmer where you are than it is where I am. It's a breezy 38 degrees F out there. Brrrrr. Winter is a coming, ladies (and gentlemen, if you are reading too).

Today I have an old school Revlon polish for your swatch viewing pleasure. It is from the Crystalline Line and is called Iced Spice. I'm not exactly sure how long I've had this, but I know it's been longer than 6 1/2 years because I got it before we moved into where we currently live. I'm also not quite sure if I got it from an auction I won on Ebay (there were 45 polishes I won for a whole whopping $3.62 plus $3.95 shipping, what a steal of a deal, right?) about a year before we bought our current home or if I had it before then.

In the bottle, this looks like a very light colored cinnamon to me, but I've seen it also described as a coral color.

Does this look like light cinnamon or coral to you?

Even though it is an old polish, I had no problem at all with application. I still had a slight visble nail line after 3 thin coats. I probably won't wear this one very often as I think it makes me look paler than I actually am.

I have two more polishes in the Crystalline Line I'll be bringing to you in the near future so if you like this one, be on the look out for the next two.

Have a wonderful Thursday, darlings!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Go Buckeyes! 5 October 2012 2:07 am Friday

Good early morning, my darling readers! I meant to post this yesterday, but time just has a way of getting away from me when I'm not feeling well. I'm still recovering from whatever tummy bug I had last week, but hopefully I'll be fully recovered by next week and can get on some kind of schedule so you will all know when to expect my posts.

Today's review is of a polish from an independent company I found on The name of the shop is Different Dimension and can be found here. The first polish I ordered was 'Sparkles like Edward' and I'll be reviewing that one later. This is the second polish I ordered just because I love the name and because I am an Ohio State Fan. It is called 'Scarlet & Gray'. Missi, the owner of the shop is very friendly and fantastic about getting back to you when you contact her for anything. She made my first buying experience through Etsy a pleasure and I will definitely be a customer of hers for a long time to come.

The formula on this was a little on the thick side, but I did not have any application issues at all. This is 2 coats over a base coat of Sally Hansen's Maximum Growth Stage 2. I followed it up with a single coat of inm Out the Door Super Fast Drying top coat.

I really like the way this looks on my nails and I'll definitely be wearing it during the Ohio State/Michigan game in November. :0) Missi also makes other dual colored polishes that can be for colleges/pro/or high school teams as well as several sets. Please check her Etsy store out.

**This polish was purchased using my own funds and she has in no way paid for/nor influenced me for any promotion of her or her shop.**

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Quickie Post, 10 October 2012

Just a quick post right now, I'll be back later in the morning with a polish review. I just wanted to let y'all know about a give-away that is going on over at The Daily Lacquerista! There will be 3 winners and the prizes look awesome. You can head over there by clicking this link here. You have 3 days and 23 hours left to enter!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

First Post-Save The Ta-Ta's! 2 October 2012 2:31 am Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, I thought I would start this month out with the color pink! My review today is of LA Colors Color Craze Summertime. The forumla on this is a little thin for my liking and I had to use several very thin coats to get it on just the way I liked it and I still wasn't quite happy with the coverage as I could still see the white of my tips through the polish.

My white tips didn't really show in the photos, but I can see them every time I look at my nails. I am considering using the color as a base for my first attempt at a leopard print mani. What do you think?

Have you used LA Colors Color Craze Summertime? What do you think of it?