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As you've seen from my basic about me blurb on the sidebar, I'm a wife, Mom, and Grandmother. My hubby and I have been married 25 years and have been together 29 years now. I have always liked nail polish but was a nail biter for years so never really wore it much unless I went to a salon and had my nails done. The bad thing about that, it always left my own nails so weak and torn up. A friend of mine went to school and became a nail tech and I started picking her brain about how I could get my own nails in better shape and she suggested no matter what, that I at least wear clear polish, so I started wearing Sally Hansen's Maximum Growth Stage 1 polish and pretty soon had what I called little sprouts of white tips on each of my nails that I was so proud of. Then, because I am a chronic pain patient and had years of medication usage behind me, I found out my teeth were in really bad shape and I had to have them pulled almost 3 years ago, I finally (because of that) broke my nail biting habit. It's really hard to bite your nails when you have no teeth to do so with. lol I still have some problems with my nails being a little on the soft side, but I always keep at least 2 coats of some type of clear polish on them when I'm not wearing a colored polish. I'm in love with anything brightly colored though. The brighter the better! I think pale colors make me look washed out. Maybe it's because I have such pale skin, but then, maybe it's just because I like bright and dark colors to begin with. I will try to add some of the lighter colors and be as subjective about them as I can. I do hope you'll come with me on my journey as I learn new things and take this journey into color. Let's have some fun and let's get this journey on the road!

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