Saturday, December 15, 2012

No post today...

No nail post today due to the tragedy in Newtown, CT.  My condolences and prayers to those who lost loved ones.  I have no other words to express exactly how I'm feeling about the loss of those little ones.  If you have little ones of your own, please hold them a little tighter, kiss them a little longer, and make sure to tell them that you love them as often as you can.  You never know when God will decide to call them home.

Much love and many hugs to all, especially my children (even though they are grown) and my grandson , who is just a baby still.

I shall return Monday, December 17th.  Until then, huggles!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

An update and another give-away!

My second post for today and I'm planning on doing at least one more today, so y'all are hearing a lot from me, just in one day!  lol

Here is what is new: 1)  I updated my polish inventory list.  Instead of being on a page, it is now listed as a document you can view.  When I first created my list in September for the launch of this blog in October, I only had 79 polishes.  I am now up to 134!  That is 56 polishes in just 2 months.  Quite a few of them I have won (lucky me!) and I got great deals on a lot of the others.  I know one thing now, if I wasn't before,  I am officially OBSESSED!  lol  2) I found another awesome give-away, this time on Facebook and I've listed it on the give-away page.  Even if you decide not to enter for it, please stop by her page to give her congrats on reaching 2000 followers.  That is quite an awesome accomplishment!  For someone just starting out, with 16 follows, it seems like a long time away, for me, to get to that many, but it's a goal I would like to one day obtain as well.  :)

For now, I'm off to see what other kind of goodness I can get into today.  I'll be painting nails later as well as posting my current mani, so please be on the lookout for that.

As always, thank you for spending a bit of your time with me today.  Until later, huggles!

A Special Christmas Give-Away!

Good early morning, my darling readers!  I hope this Thursday finds you well.  I have an appointment today to get my biopsy results from my colonoscopy that was done on Monday.  Keep your fingers crossed it's good news!

I wanted to do a quick post about a give-away I'm excited about.  Kelly at Kell's DIY Nails is having a 12 Days of Christmas Give-Away and is currently on Day 6.  If you would like to enter too, please visit Kell's Blog to enter.  Okay y'all...what are you waiting for,  I'll wait for you to get back.  :0)  Until then, huggles!

Monday, December 3, 2012

My hiatus and nail mail.

Good early morning, my darling readers!  I am so sorry I left you all in limbo the last couple of weeks.  I've been having some issues with my tummy here lately and I finally broke down and agreed with my doctor it was time to see a specialist about it.  The specialist didn't want to make any guesses as to what might be wrong so he ordered a tummy scope and because my family has a strong history of colon cancer,  the test for that.  I was supposed to have had the colonoscopy Thursday, but had a problem with the prep solution you're supposed to drink.  My tummy decided it was going to rebel against me and made it so I couldn't have the test done at that time.  Since I was scheduled to have the other procedure at noon today, the doc decided to do both procedures at the same time and offered a different prep method.  Luckily, I started testing early just because of our family history and they've been able to remove pre-cancerous polpys before they became bad, bad news.  Had I waited until age 50 (which I have another 3.5 yrs to go) it is hard to tell what may have been found and if it would have beeen treatable.  Colon cancer is usually very sucessfully treated, if caught early enough, so I highly encourage every one who is over 50 that hasn't had one done yet, please talk to your doctor about it during your next appointment. And if you are under that age, with a family history (one or both parents, like I do and more than one grandparent, also in my family history) it is even more important that you start before the age of 50.  The worst part of it is the prep and if you have a sense of humor, you'll make it through just fine.  Hopefully when I get home from my procedures, I will feel up to posting and have some good news to share.  :0)

Before my hiatus, I had posted that I had received more nail mail.  Is everyone ready to see it?  I'll not keep you in suspense any longer because you've all waited long enough!  Without further ado, nail mail:

I spy pretties in those little windows!

 Look at those babies!

Why yes, it is It's a Trap-eze! from
Cirque Du Soleil Worlds Away collection.

 And this one is Creative Fantasy.

 And finally, last, but not least, this one is
Get Carried Away.

 I also got a bottle of Liquid Leather.

And a bottle of Seche Vite top coat.

I ordered all of the above from 8ty8 Beauty Supply which can be found here.  The Cirque Du Soleil sells for $3.25 each and the Liquid Leather was $3.  Seche Vite is $4.25 and can be found under Treatments.

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