Wednesday, August 28, 2013

It isn't Sunday, but it's a Funday anyway...

Good morning darling readers!  I'm back again with another polish from the China Glaze Spring 2013 Collection - Avant Garden, this one is the third of six I am sharing.  This color is called "Sunday Funday".  It's a bright blue creme and I like this one better than the first two I've shared.  I used one coat of China Glaze Strong Adhesion as my base coat, two coats of color, and to finish it off, I used one coat of Out The Door topcoat.  I thought this one went with my skin tone much better than the first two have and I know I'll be using this one much more often.

I broke my middle nail just after I removed "Mimosa's Before Mani's" so you'll notice it's a tad shorter than the rest of my nails.  I was hoping it wouldn't be too noticeable but then I went and broke the nail on my ring finger too, so I'll be filing the rest of my nails to match.  I am a reformed nail biter and even though it's been a few years since I last bit them, they still have moments when they feel very thin and will peel off.

What do you think of Sunday Funday?  Do you have any recommendations on how I can help strengthen my nails so peeling won't be so much of an issue?

As always, thank you for taking a few moments of the day to spend with me.  Huggles!

*tomorrow, "Tart-y For The Party"

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Today, Mismoa's Before Mani's...

*polishes in this post were won in a give-away*

Good morning darling readers.  Today I have the second of six of the China Glaze Spring 2013 Collection - Avant Guard.   This is "Mimoa's Before Mani's".  This is an orange-leaning coral color with a slight shimmer.  I used China Glaze Strong Adhesion for my base coat, two coats of color, and to finish it off, I used one coat of China Glaze Fast Forward top coat.  To me it seemed this polish was a little on the thin side and it applied streaky on the first coat, but the second evened it out nicely.  As with "Keep Calm, Paint On", I thought it made my hands look pale.  I do think this would be a great stamping color for me, but not as an overall color.

So far, with this collection, I feel a little 'meh'.  Maybe once we get to the bolder/darker colors, I'll find one that perks my interest better.

What do you think of the first two polishes I've shown you?

As always, thank you for spending a few moments of your day with me.  Huggles!

*next up, "Sunday Funday"

Monday, August 26, 2013

China Glaze Spring 2013 Collection - Avant Garden

*polishes in this post were won in a give-away*

Good afternoon, darling readers.  I hope you each had a wonderful week-end!  I'm a little later getting this post up than I had planned to be.  I'll be back on track tomorrow.  This week I'll be covering six of the China Glaze's Spring 2013 collection.  It is called Avant Garden.  I won these from Of Life and Lacquer back in March, when she had a give-away for them.  The six I have are called:  :Sunday Funday", "Mimosa's Before Mani's", "Tart-y For The Party", "Keep Calm, Paint On", "Fade Into Hue", and "Fancy Pants".

We're going to start this week off with "Keep Calm, Paint On".  It's a very pale minty/sea foam green color with a slight shimmer.  I wore this with a coat of China Glaze Strong Adhesion base coat, two coats of nail color, and a coat of China Glaze Fast Forward as my top coat.  The first coat of polish went on just a bit splotchy, but it evened up nicely on the second one.  I'm not really sure that I like this color on me, I thought it made my already pale hands look even paler.  This one may be  going into my blog sale box.

Sorry about the clean-up not being so good.  I thought I had it all done, then that mess showed up when I took the photo's.  Clean-up is still something I'm working on though, so please bear with me.

Do you have any polishes from this collection?

Thank you for taking a moment of your day to spend with me.  Huggles!

*tomorrow, "Mimosa's Before Mani's"

Sunday, August 25, 2013

August 2013 Ipsy Bag

Good morning, darling readers!  Third day in a row for a new post, I think that is a personal record, for me.  lol  I'm going to try to start posting more, after all, I do have nearly 300 polishes in my collection right now and I haven't even begun to get them all on my nails yet.  I'm currently working on six of China Glaze's Spring 2013 Collection-Avant Garden.  I won these in a give-away that Of Life and Lacquer had back in February.  I thought it about time to break them out and share them with you.  So that will be what is coming up this next week.  I hope you like them as much as I have been.

And now, for today's post, my August Ipsy bag!  The theme this month is Glamour Academy!  With a lot of schools and colleges starting classes this month, I felt the theme appropriate.  The bag itself is a purplish-magenta color with gold Glamour Academy emblems on it.  I love purples, so this bag will get quite a bit of use, even though the emblems aren't one of my favorites.  I did forget to get a photo of all the products together but I do have them individually.  Enjoy!

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

July Ipsy heavy!

*disclosure, all items in this post were
purchased by me.

Good morning my darling readers!  I hope this Saturday is treating you well, thus far!  Since coming home from our camping trip up north in early July, I've been in another pain flare.  That is the reason you haven't seen much of me on here.  It's steadily gotten to the point that it has interfered with my ability to walk and even stand up straight.  I did have a check-up with both of my doctors earlier this week and it was decided, while at the pain management doctor, to relocate the battery for my SCS as we're pretty sure it is what is causing this additional pain.  I do not have a surgery date, as of yet, but will let y'all know when I do as I'll probably have to take more time off from here during my recovery.  Since the doctor is going to put it up higher in my back into a larger muscle, I'll end up with two incisions instead of just one.  I'm a bit nervous about it not working out in the new location, but I won't know if it will work until we try it.  Keep your fingers crossed it works.  Now let's get to what today's post is about....the July 2013 Ipsy Bag!

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Friday, August 23, 2013

It's a, it's an anniversary...wait, shall we call it a birthaversary instead? Either's a GIVEAWAY!

*disclosure, polish provided by
 Blue Eyed Lacquer for give-away* 

Good afternoon, darling readers!  It's FRIDAY!  Do you have any plans for the week-end?  Today happens to be my grandson's first birthday!  I have no idea where this past year has gone, as it's gone so quickly.  He just started walking on his own so now we have a mobile monkey to keep an eye on! lol

Back in June, as I was thinking about how my hubby and I could celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary, I also started thinking about how I could share the occasion with y'all.  I ended up contacting my friend, Julie, over at Wishes of a Blue-Eyed Girl and we began discussing creating a custom nail polish. That is when Dream Weaver was born and why.  It is my little "Thank You" for celebrating our anniversary, and now, my grandson's first birthday with us.  I have decided to call this Our Birthaversary Give-Away.  Our anniversary was actually on July 12th, but due to my pain issues sneaking up and taking over, I hadn't posted the give-away, nor Julie's original guest post, until now.  Without further ado, for those who aren't familiar with her already, and for those who are, let's meet Julie and Dream Weaver!  

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Have you seen this before? It has me baffled.

Hey y'all! It's August and I'm not sure where the time is going. July just slipped by. My hubby and I celebrated our 25th anniversary on the 12th and our grandson will be turning a year old the 23rd of this month! I was going to have a give-away last month to celebrate our 25th anniversary and even created a polish with the wonderful Julie, from Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer, but then we took a trip up north to get together with some friends from one of my pain support groups and I've been struggling since we got back home with the pain. I started getting muscle spasms in a new place just before we left on our trip and they've gradually been getting worse. The last couple of days, I've noticed that my right hip has decided to start lending it's voice into this chorus and today decided that I've had enough and am going to do something fun despite it.  I'll be doing the give-away next week and will be turning into a combo Belated Anniversary/Birthday Give-Away. :D  Now,  let's get on with what we're here to do, shall we? :)

 I stripped off my old polish to find this.

Can you see the black lines on my index finger and middle finger nails?  I have absolutely no idea what it is or where it came from.  I'll try to get a better photo up here in just a bit so you can have a better look at whatever it is.  I was just in a hurry for y'all to have a look at whatever that is and to see if maybe someone else knew whatever it is.  To me, it almost looks at if someone took a marker to my nail.  Looking at it from the underside of my nail, you can't tell it's even there unless I hold my finger at a certain angle.  If any of you nail techs out there have any ideas, could you please let me know.  Growing my nails out another few weeks and clipping or filing it off  will be the plan for now, unless a tech thinks it's a medical problem that needs to be addressed asap.  I do have a appointment with my primary care doctor on August 21st and if it is still there, will show it to her, just in case it's something medical.

Anyway, that is what has been up with me the last few weeks.  I hope all has been well with y'all.  Don't forget, I will be starting a give-away next week!  Have a great day y'all and as always, thank you for spending a few minutes of your day with me. :) Huggles!

6:23 pm---I replaced the photo above with one that was of better quality and have added this second one.  Anyone have any ideas what it might be?  I have a little irritation going on at the cuticle too.  :(  Not quite sure what I did to that.

D'oh, it would have been nice if I had remembered to include the photo, huh?  lol