Thursday, January 9, 2014

Something New I Would Like To Try...

Hello again, darling readers.  Yes, a second post from me in the same day.  Y'all go for months without a word and suddenly I'm chatty Cathy, aren't I?  lol  It's 10:36 pm where I am so that means it's been just over 9 hours since I had my injection done.  The numbing medication has long worn off and my tailbone where the injection was done aches like crazy and if I move too suddenly, my spine lets me know, but the early outlook (knocking on fake wood here) is looking kind of promising that this set of injections might actually work.  I don't want to get too hopeful yet though because it's just to early too really tell yet.

Anyway, because I can't do much for 24-48 hours after these injections other than surf the web, paint my nails, and other desk type stuff, or sleep, I got to thinking of things that I might be able to do with my blog to help make it better and came up with an idea I wanted to run across you, my darling readers, because it would require a little bit of participation on your part as well.  Would y'all like a page dedicated to your mani's?  You would edit them to include whatever watermark you would like and if it doesn't include your name, then somewhere in a corner or wherever you want it, put your name, then you would e-mail it to me.  I would then resize it, if necessary, then upload to a Member's Mani Page.  Or, if y'all would  prefer, we could do some type of weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly challenge(s).  They could range from the very simple (use a single color) to the more intricate (a water marble with rhinestones).  If y'all would like something like that,  please comment and let me know.  I would love to hear any suggestions any of you have for helping make Older Ladies Like Color Too a better blog, besides posting more often.  I am trying to work on that one.  :<)

I did get one hand painted today, but haven't been able to get any photo's yet.  Since my hubby starts the early shift in the morning and I need to be up just before 5 am, I've decided to wait until he leaves for work to get them then and hopefully it won't take me too long to get them posted afterward.  I may use my small camera instead of the big one so it doesn't take quite as long either because I am anxious to share with y'all how this one turned out.  :)

For now, I bid you all to have a good night and to rest well.  As always, thank you all for spending a few minutes of your time with me!  Huggles!


It's A New Year!

Happy New Year, darling readers!  I can't believe it's 2014 already.  Where did 2013 go?  Does anyone else think it went by incredibly fast?  Did you accomplish the things that you wanted to during 2013?  Did you make any resolutions for 2014?  I pretty much quit making resolutions on New Year's Eve in 1985 when I was expecting my daughter and made just two that year.  One was to be the best Mom I could possibly be and the other was to never make another resolution.  Both of my children lived through their childhood without any major problems cropping up (I did have one call from the police department asking if I knew where my daughter was and they were very surprised when I answered yes because she had just called me to tell me and they seemed very taken aback by that) and I have not make another resolution since then, so I think I did okay with those two resolutions, don't you? :<)

Alas, I do not have a nail post for you today.  This is more of an update post since I've been gone so long.  As  y'all know, I had surgery at the end of September and within a few days of my surgery, we lost my husband's father.  Then I lost the hard drive in my desk top computer, where all my photo's were stored.  I've been trying to see if I could gain access back into it, but so far, I haven't had any luck with it.  I then started having more severe trouble with my stomach again and had to go in for a bunch of testing for that.  I had a CT Scan, a gastric emptying test, and an EGD (scope) done, as well as blood work.  I was finally able to get in today to get all the results.  Thankfully everything, except the EGD & blood work, came back normal.  Oh, and the CT Scan.  The CT Scan showed that I do have some very small kidney stones but the doctor said they are so small I probably wouldn't even notice them when they pass so they aren't worth worrying about.  The EGD & blood work kind of go hand-in-hand and we kind of knew going into it what it might say.  I have a bacterial infection in the lining of my stomach called H. Pylori and I'm now being treated with 2 anti-biodics as well as Nexxium and Pepto Bizmo.  He's going to treat it aggressively since the last time I was treated for it (over a year ago) the treatment failed.  My husband now also has to be tested for it because there is a chance, that if he has it as well, he could give it back to me (via kissing, sharing a soda, etc) and then I'd have to start all over again with treatment.

So now you are caught  up on the fun that has been the life and times of my life during the last few months.  :0)  I did paint my nails today though and I hope to get some photo's tomorrow after I get home from getting my injections and when I feel a bit more like myself, I will post them for y'all.  So until then, thank you for stopping by and spending a few minutes with me.  Have a GREAT 2014 y'all!  Huggles!