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My First Press Sample! Rainbow Honey-The Final Battle


Good morning, darling readers.  I hope you are all staying warm!  We had our first measurable snow earlier this week.  It wasn't as much as they predicted it would be (1.5 to 2 inches) but we did get a good ground covering.  Thankfully it held off long enough for us to get our new back door installed.  Our old one, the dog was able to get his paw in between the door jam and the knob to let himself out for unannounced strolls through the neighborhood at 4 am.  With this one, he will no longer be able to do that as it is an inward swing door.  Even if he is able to manage to able to get his paw between the jam and the knob to open the mechanism, he won't be able to open the door unless he somehow figures out how to pull it to himself.  With the other one, he was just able to push it outward and off he went.

So today, I have my very first press sample for you!  I'm very excited about this.  Back in September, I got an e-mail from Rainbow Honey requesting that I update my info with them as they updated their system, then a few days later, I got another e-mail stating that I was going to receive a sample kit.  I can't tell y'all enough how excited I was to receive this e-mail!  Freebies and samples isn't the reason I got into blogging, I started because I wanted an outlet to share my little bursts of creativity with my friends and anyone else who might be interested.  I also wanted to be able to get to know those in the nail community a little better and thought I might be able to use my blog as a way to get to do that.  It certainly has helped in both of those regards, so having waited to do any press samples, in my opinion, has been completely worth it.  :0)

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This collection, by Rainbow Honey is called The Final Battle and is inspired by the game Final Fantasy VII.  There are 15 polishes in this collection in 3 parts; Part I is The Battle and includes: Meteor, Soldier, Cetra, Lifesteam, and Phoenix Down.  Part II is The Summons and includes:  Diamond Dust, Hellfire, Tidal Wave, Judgement Bolt, and Tera Flare.  Part III is The Weapons and includes:  Diamond Weapon, Ruby Weapon, Sapphire Weapon, Emerald Weapon, and Ultimate Weapon.  Each polish retails for $10 and can be found here.

I received three samples, each bottle being 4 ml, which I thought were perfect for trying and getting an honest opinion.  I received Lifestream from Part I, Tidal Wave from Part II, and Sapphire Weapon from Part III.  The day I received these polishes was the same day we were in a little fender bender.  Since I had just had surgery just a couple weeks before and because immediately upon impact both of my legs had gone numb, my hubby and I thought it best that I go to the ER to be checked, I was transported by our local EMT's by emergency squad to our local hospital.  I had the box with the polish on my lap at the time and the only thing I was concerned with is they not lose my nail polish or break it!  I kept asking them about it until my hubby assured me he had taken care of it for me.  Which reminds me, I had my hair up in a pony tail at the time of the accident and one of the EMT's, I guess thinking he was being funny, said he thought it looked like there was an animal growing on the back of seat rest, as they were getting me out of our vehicle.  If I hadn't been hurting so bad at the time, I might have giggled a little bit, because I guess it does look a bit like a squirrel tail when I have my hair up in a pony tail.  ;<)  Okay, now onto the photo's.

First up, we have Lifestream, from Part I-The Battle.

"Lifestream - The pale green and white glitters of the lifestream flow in this shimmery, clear base."

Lifestream is a glitter topper that could probably be used pretty much over any polish you wanted.  Here I chose to pair it with Jessica's Black Matte for both the of the photo's above and below.  I may try, later, to see how many coats, on her own, it would take to build to opacity.

Next up we have Tidal Wave, from Part II-The Summons.
"Tidal Wave - This murky aqua base is filled with holographic glitters and the effervescent shimmer of the great Leviathan's scales."

I started with a base coat of Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler, two coats of Tidal Wave, and finished with a coat of Seche Vite.  Isn't she pretty?
and finally we have Sapphire Weapon.
"Sapphire Weapon - A deep navy blue with green and gold shimmer."
I started with a base coat of Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler, two coats of Sapphire Weapon, and finished with a coat of Seche Vite.  This is a very pretty sapphire!  Unfortunately, I chipped my index finger within a few minutes of finishing my mani.  It wasn't the quality of the polish, it was totally user error.
I didn't have any issues with applying any of these polishes and wore each for several hours.  Unfortunately, I have been pretty rough on my hands and nails during the last several weeks so it seems no matter what I do, I get major tip wear within a matter of hours, unless I wear gloves, which I can't stand to have on my hands.  I liked each one of these polishes for different reasons:  Lifestream for it's ability to be worn as a topcoat over other colors, Tidal Wave because I didn't have any color like it in my collection, and Sapphire Weapon just because of it's name.  Out of the three, I'd have to say that Tidal Wave is my favorite.  The whole collection is very pretty and I have my eyes on a couple more that I would eventually like to get.
Here are ways you can contact Rainbow Honey:
Website:  Rainbow Honey
Facebook:  Rainbow Honey Cosmetics
Instagram:  Rainbow Honey on Instagram
Twitter:  Rainbow_Honey

As always, thank you for spending a little time with me today.  Huggles!

*the samples provided in this post were provided by the manufacturer for my honest review.  All opinions are my own, I was in no way compensated.*


  1. I love Sapphire Weapon!

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    1. I thought so as well. Do you have a favorite among the ones I was sent? I'll have another review of some others from Rainbow Honey soon. :->


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