Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Something a bit different today....

Good afternoon darling readers!  Today I have something a bit different.  Instead of polish, I have eye shadow.  Hubby and I ran into town to rent a couple of movies and I asked to stop at Walgreen's to see if I could find the dupes of some eye shadows I'd been reading about.  I then told him about the Urban Decay Naked and Naked 2 palettes and how expensive they were and how I wasn't about to spend that kind of money for just 24 eye shadows.  $104 for 24 eye shadows seems a bit excessive to me, but then a lot of people think that when I pay $8 for a bottle of nail polish, that is too much, so to each their own.  We each have our own preferences when it comes to make-up products and what our limits are for what we will spend on them. (I read about the dupes here.)

To be completely honest, I quit wearing make-up every day when I had to quit working.  I really didn't see any reason to wear it since I wasn't going outside the house much and who dresses up to go see their doctors?  My doctors want to see me in my natural state not in full make-up and acting like there is nothing wrong, so I just never bothered.  A few months ago, I'm not quite sure what happened, but I decided I was going to start wearing make-up again.  Not because I was going somewhere or doing anything special, but just because it made me feel better.  It gave me some color and I liked it.  I still don't wear it every day, but I'm wearing it enough to want to buy more and experiment with it again to find the colors that work well with my skin tone, instead of just wearing everything I bought (like I did before I was aware that things worked and didn't work with my skin tone).

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So this is everything we picked up and we only spent $20.  The E.L.F. set was $15 and includes 96 eye shadows, 2 brushes, an eye primer in Sheer, and an eye liner felt tip pen in Black.  I've never used an eye liner like that one before and must say I do like that one.  It applied very smoothly, went on in a very straight, thin line, and stayed on until I took it off.  I liked the primer as well.  In all my years, I've never used a primer before and now that I have, I may never go without one again!  My shadow did not crease or smear at all and was still as beautiful hours later as when I first applied it.  Hoorah for the person who invented primer!

I also got a set of Profusion shadows.  I would tell you which set, but the name of it is in French and I do not speak nor read French.  lol  That is the set with the round pans.  Those are the ones I originally thought were the dupes I was after, but after getting home and rechecking the site where I'd read the dupe posting, I discovered, it was not, it was the set that I only bought one of, the bottom one, with the square pans, set that included the dupes I was after.  It is called the Twinkle, Twinkle set, also made by Profusion.  Each 4 pan set is just $1 at Walgreens.  I'm not sure if all the Urban Decay shades are included and if they are exact dupes or how close as the post I read didn't quite say, but if they are close enough, then I'll be a happy camper for having saved some money.  If one day I do have the money to invest in the Urban Decay palettes, then I may splurge on them or if someone wants to gift them to me, I certainly wouldn't say no.  ;<)

A closer look at the Profusion set.

Twinkle Twinkle 01

 I do plan to go back, maybe this weekend, to get the rest of the Twinkle Twinkle set, which includes 02, 03, and 04.  I also saw that they had their own versions of palettes on their website (here) that I put on my Christmas list that I sent to my hubby as a gift idea.  ;<)


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