Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Quick morning photo

*photo provided by PetiteandSweetD
used by permission

Good morning darling readers!  Back when I had my last give-away, I sent the winner her prize and when she opened the package, she was disappointed to find out the bottle had shattered in shipping.  Thankfully, Julie of Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer had sent me an extra bottle for my own use, so I decided to send it to the winner because it wasn't her fault the bottle was broken during shipment.  The second bottle arrived to it's destination safely and here it is on PetiteandSweetD's nails.  Isn't it beautiful?

Thank you, PetiteandSweetD, for allowing me to share your beautiful mani with everyone!

That is all I have for y'all, for this morning.  Thank you for spending a few minutes with me this morning.  Huggles!


  1. That was such a selfless and kind act, giving the girl your polish. I have decided to follow your blog because of this selflessness. Have a happy new year! Keep on glazing, nails that is.

  2. I'm sorry for taking so long to reply to your comment, I just now saw it. My bad. But thank you. I just saw it as the right thing to do since it wasn't her fault it arrived broken and since I hadn't used the one I still had, I sent it to her. I hope you are having a FANTASTIC 2014 thus far. :)


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