Friday, October 12, 2012

A Little Spicy 11 October 2012

Good morning, my darling readers! I hope it's warmer where you are than it is where I am. It's a breezy 38 degrees F out there. Brrrrr. Winter is a coming, ladies (and gentlemen, if you are reading too).

Today I have an old school Revlon polish for your swatch viewing pleasure. It is from the Crystalline Line and is called Iced Spice. I'm not exactly sure how long I've had this, but I know it's been longer than 6 1/2 years because I got it before we moved into where we currently live. I'm also not quite sure if I got it from an auction I won on Ebay (there were 45 polishes I won for a whole whopping $3.62 plus $3.95 shipping, what a steal of a deal, right?) about a year before we bought our current home or if I had it before then.

In the bottle, this looks like a very light colored cinnamon to me, but I've seen it also described as a coral color.

Does this look like light cinnamon or coral to you?

Even though it is an old polish, I had no problem at all with application. I still had a slight visble nail line after 3 thin coats. I probably won't wear this one very often as I think it makes me look paler than I actually am.

I have two more polishes in the Crystalline Line I'll be bringing to you in the near future so if you like this one, be on the look out for the next two.

Have a wonderful Thursday, darlings!

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