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July Ipsy heavy!

*disclosure, all items in this post were
purchased by me.

Good morning my darling readers!  I hope this Saturday is treating you well, thus far!  Since coming home from our camping trip up north in early July, I've been in another pain flare.  That is the reason you haven't seen much of me on here.  It's steadily gotten to the point that it has interfered with my ability to walk and even stand up straight.  I did have a check-up with both of my doctors earlier this week and it was decided, while at the pain management doctor, to relocate the battery for my SCS as we're pretty sure it is what is causing this additional pain.  I do not have a surgery date, as of yet, but will let y'all know when I do as I'll probably have to take more time off from here during my recovery.  Since the doctor is going to put it up higher in my back into a larger muscle, I'll end up with two incisions instead of just one.  I'm a bit nervous about it not working out in the new location, but I won't know if it will work until we try it.  Keep your fingers crossed it works.  Now let's get to what today's post is about....the July 2013 Ipsy Bag!

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I received my July bag a little later than I usually do.  Normally I get it around the 15th or so, but this one didn't arrive until the 21st, I think it was.  I had gotten a shipping notification but I think they must have given me an older number because when I checked it, it said it had already been delivered...on the west coast.  I live in Ohio, so it had me a bit confused as to why it would go there.  But it finally arrived and while I didn't overwhelmingly love the bag itself, I did like most of the products I received.

Hot pink jelly like bag.  I do like that it is see through, but I'm not really keen
 on the shape, but it works.

The items I received in my bag.  Nailtini Nail Polish, Pop Beauty Pouty Pop Crayon, Big Sexy Hair hairspray, Coola Sunscreen, and BH Cosmetics eyeshadows.

This is a brand that is completely new to me.  SPF 20 mineral Sunscreen, unscented. Sample size.
The full size on their webpage is 1.7 oz for $36.  The one I received is .23 oz, approximately $5.01. 

Nailtini Nail Polish in Mai Tai.  Full size, $13

Pop Beauty Lip Crayon in Coral Crush.  These are sold in sets of 6 on their site.  Approx $4.17

Big Sexy Weather Proof Hairspray.  Full size is 3.4 oz and sells on for $18.95. 
This can is 1.4 oz.  Approx $9.40  I know I'll definitely be using this as I have very thick, nearly waist long, wavy hair and the humidity makes it go every way but the one I want it to.  I keep hearing, from others in and near my age group, that it isn't considered proper for me to have long hair, but I feel a woman should rock what she's comfortable with, no matter what 'they' (whomever 'they' are, I still haven't found out who these mystical 'they' people are yet, lol.) say is fashionable on certain age groups.  However, because I will be having surgery soon and be limited in my range of motion for my arms (won't be allowed to lift them above my shoulders) for 6 to 8 weeks after, I am considering having my hair cut shorter and donating it to a place that provides wigs to women who are battling breast cancer.  My mother-in-law was a breast cancer survivor for 5 years before she passed due to unrelated causes and I also have a good online friend and fellow blogger who is fighting now.  If I can help a gal feel better, then I'm all for that!  :0)

BH Cosmetics Eye Shadow. They have 3 new palettes and have include one from each in this sample.  Individual pots sell for $1.95 each on their site.  $5.85
Colors, from left to right are:  Hollywood, San Franciso, and Malibu.

I decided to swatch the shadows, both wet and dry on my wrist along with the lip crayon.  All the eye shadows seem well pigmented.  I know I'll definitely wear both Hollywood and San Franciso, but I'm not sure about Malibu yet.  The lip crayon looks completely different on my lips than it does in this swatch, it leans more on the orange side but the swatch shows it being more pink.  With my pale complexion, I didn't think it looked good, at all.  I am going to save this though because I can always mix it with another color later to make my own custom shade.

Mai Tai is an orange leaning coral color.  In this lighting, it looks more red than it actually is.  I didn't think it looked too bad on the nail, but I don't see myself doing a full mani with it.  I'll most likely either save this and use it for accent nails/nail art or put it in a future blog sale.

Total value for my July 2013 Ipsy Bag = $37.43.

I really do like being part of the Ipsy program.  You pay $10 per month, which includes shipping in the US (I believe shipping to CAN is $4.95) and it includes 4-5 beauty related products, which are nearly always full sized or deluxe sample sizes.  The items you receive are based on a quiz you take when you first sign up.  You can, if you'd like, retake the quiz at any time.  Since receiving my first bag in March of this year, I have yet to receive a sample in a foil packet.  Nearly all the products I've received have been full sized!  I did actually sign up in January this year and spent that month along with February on the wait list.  If you are considering signing up, I would recommend you do so now, just in case you would end up on the wait list.  Also, if you could, although it isn't required, could you use my Ipsy referral code to sign up? You can click here to do so. (Any one who uses my referral code helps me earn free bonus products in my next Ipsy bag, if I have enough, that is.  It seems that they are working on the referral program right now to make it more user friendly, perhaps.  I just wanted to disclose this information so you can make a better informed decision as to if you want to use my link or not.)

As always, thank you very much for taking a few moments of your day to spend with me.  I hope you have a great Saturday!  Huggles!

*coming up soon on the my blog, August Ipsy bag

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