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August 2013 Ipsy Bag

Good morning, darling readers!  Third day in a row for a new post, I think that is a personal record, for me.  lol  I'm going to try to start posting more, after all, I do have nearly 300 polishes in my collection right now and I haven't even begun to get them all on my nails yet.  I'm currently working on six of China Glaze's Spring 2013 Collection-Avant Garden.  I won these in a give-away that Of Life and Lacquer had back in February.  I thought it about time to break them out and share them with you.  So that will be what is coming up this next week.  I hope you like them as much as I have been.

And now, for today's post, my August Ipsy bag!  The theme this month is Glamour Academy!  With a lot of schools and colleges starting classes this month, I felt the theme appropriate.  The bag itself is a purplish-magenta color with gold Glamour Academy emblems on it.  I love purples, so this bag will get quite a bit of use, even though the emblems aren't one of my favorites.  I did forget to get a photo of all the products together but I do have them individually.  Enjoy!

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The theme card that comes in the bag each month.  On the back of the card are discounts offered by all the company's that participated that month.

A purplish/magnta background with Glamour Academy emblems on it.

Noya Lip Balm in Cherry.  The tube is marked "Natural" and "Kosher".  I know I'll be using this, a lot, since I have a thing for lip balms.  It reminds me a lot of the lip balm made by Chapstick.
Price $3.99

Michael Todd Pumpkin Facial Mask.  I've seen reviews that is smells just like pumpkin pie, but I don't know as I have not opened this as it is marked suitable for all skin types except sensitive.  I do have sensitive skin and since it contains glyocolic acid, which can cause a person to sunburn easily after use, I have decided not to try it.  This is now residing in my future blog sale items box.  
Price approx $10.20

Pacifica Alight Multi-Mineral BB Cream, with shade matching technology.  I did swatch this on my hand and does match my skin tone exactly.  It is very light weight.  A full sized tube (which is 1 oz) is $16 on their website so I doubt I will be ordering it any time soon.  This sample is 0.34 fl oz and should probably last 2 or 3 applications.
Price approx $5.30

Pixie Beauty Lash Booster Mascara in Blackest Black.  I haven't tried this but will as soon as the weather cools down again.  I'm without central air right now and wearing make-up when it is hot and humid just doesn't feel good to me.  Doesn't look good either as it's usually melting off my face.  lol  I have heard that this brand is available at Target.
Price approx $7.29

MICA Beauty mineral eye shadow in Bronze.  I've been wanting to try this brand of eye shadow since I saw it might be one of the items in the April bag.  I got the eye shadow duo that month instead.  I swatched just a tiny bit on the back of my hand and was amazed at the pigmentation.  I normally don't wear the color bronze, but I'm sure I will find a way to use this.
Value $14.95

These are swatches of both the BB cream and the eye shadow.

Overall I was happy with everything in my August bag, even though I do not plan to use the pumpkin mask, I will make sure it goes to a good new home.  :0)  The total value for my bag was approx $41.73.

So far, I haven't received an Ipsy bag that I didn't like overall.  For $10 a month (this does include shipping for US folks, CAN shipping is $4.95), it's a great value and a great way to try products you might not otherwise get to try.  Ipsy does maintain a Facebook page and if you receive an item you don't like/want, you can go there and find their trade discussion area to trade for an item you do want.  If you are considering trying Ipsy, could you use my referral link please?  All Ipsters can earn points from referrals to trade for items they otherwise might not get.  The former referral program was to refer two people to earn an item in your next bag, but they are currently reworking it.

Do you have any suggestions for what you would like see here? More nail polish posts, nail art, more make-up?  Please leave a comment below to let me know.

That is all I have for you today, ladies and gentlemen.  I thank you for taking a few moments of your day to spend with me!  Huggles!

*coming up on the blog this week, China Glaze Avant Garden polishes.*

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