Friday, May 31, 2013

My heavy.

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Good evening, darling readers.  I hope this Friday is finding you all well.  It's a rainy evening here in the southeastern part of central Ohio and I've been listening to the thunder bounce around in the hills where I live. Most of the time it is really hard to tell where it really originates from because it echoes so much.  I've had a lot of people tell me, that until they've come to this part of Ohio, they didn't realize we had so many hills and valleys.  Yep, Ohio is hilly in some spots.  And we have some wonderful places to explore all over the state.  I just happen to like our part of the state because we have caves, cliffs, and a lot of lakes to go fishing or swimming in.  I live just a few miles outside of what is known as The Hocking Hills.  Besides the state of Vermont, this area is known in October for having some of the best fall views in the US.  Unfortunately, because of my physical limitations, I can't enjoy it as much as I did when I was younger, but we do go for drives down in the hills a lot just to enjoy the views and get out of our own little world for a bit. Sometimes that is just what the doctor ordered.  :0)

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Okay, enough about my home state and on to how I store my polish.  On a trip to the Dollar Tree a few months ago, I decided to get a couple plastic shoe box like containers with lids that I really liked.  They had three different ones to choose from, all were clear plastic with either a red, black, or blue design on them.  I chose the red one and got three.  At first, that was fine, then my collection exploded and outgrew those three boxes very quickly and I needed more.  Only problem is, when we went back to get them, they didn't have them.  As I'd just had surgery and Dollar Tree doesn't really have handicap accessible shopping available, I ended up staying in our car while hubby shopped for the new plastic bins for me and he ended up bringing a more opaque box with white lid, which is okay as the new box is a bit larger than the others ones.  I just kind of don't like that it doesn't match the other boxes now.  Hopefully, soon though, that won't matter too much as I've been throwing down hints that I want him to build me a couple polish racks when his factory goes on their annual summer shut-down.  *wink, wink*  He also, for Mother's Day, got me three of those new Swivel Store spice racks and guess where one of them is now?  Yep, on the top of my bookcase right next to my desk with some of my favorite polishes in it.  lol  I haven't taken a photo of that yet though.

Without further ado, the photo's of my storage, for now.
 These front shoe boxes were the first ones I got that I liked so much.  Too bad they were out of them when we went back.

 A mixture of polishes and all my Julep's, so far.

 The left side is a mixture with my Juleps, and the right side is all my indies and my mini's.

 Left container is all China Glaze and right container is Zoya, Orly, OPI, and the 2 lonely Essie I own.

I store all my base coats, ridge fillers, and top coats in this little train case.

 All my nail art stuff.

 Another view of my nail art stuff.

Stamping plates, q-tips, and an Ipsy bag.  What could be inside?

Oh look, nail art stripers!

I do store by brand in each bin and have one for miscellanous brands that I only have one or two of.  Basically that is my storeage, in a nutshell.  When I first started this blog October 1st last year, I had a grand total of 79 bottles of polish, that I could fit in one shoebox.  That was including base, top coats, and treatments.  A short 7 months later, I have 240 polishes alone.  If I include base coats, top coats, treatments, nail stripers and the like, then my total grows to  272!  I never imagined, when I started this blog that my collection would grow as fast as it has.  A lot of these have come from getting great deals via blog sales (thank you to the wonderful ladies I have bought from-you've made it a wonderful experience!), give-aways I've been lucky enough to win, or great deals I've been able to come across either online or dusty hunting.  It makes me wonder what the next 5 months are going to bring before I celebrate my one year blogiversary.  Do you want to hazard a guess as to what my total nail polish collection might grow to by then?  :0)  An updated inventory list can be found on the inventory page.

What kind of storage do you have?  Do you have any suggestions on how I can make my storage easier?

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