Saturday, March 16, 2013

I finally have a surgery date scheduled!

Good early morning, darling readers!  I finally have a date scheduled for my spinal cord stimulator revision surgery.  For those of you not familiar with what that is, it is an implant that works kind of the same way a pace-maker does, only it helps control pain instead of the heart-rate.  Mine is implanted for lumbar (low back) and leg pain.  I have several different things going on with my back and legs, but the main thing is called arachnoiditis (it's sticky, spider-web like scar tissue that entraps the spinal nerves, basically there is no known treatment or cure for this disease as of yet, except to make the patient as comfortable as possible).  The surgery will be done on Tuesday, March 26th.  I went this past Thursday morning and had all of my pre-admission bloodwork, x-rays, and EKG testing done.  Thankfully this is an outpatient surgery so I'll be home sometime the same afternoon unless something unexpected happens.

I also had to go back to see my gastroenterologist Thursday afternoon to be retested for a bacterial infection I've been battling since it was found in my stomach last December when I had a scope done.  Unfortunately, the test was positive again, so I have to go for another scope on the 21st so the doctor can take biopsies in several different areas of the stomach.  They then grow cultures and treat them with different antibiotics to find out which one I can take to treat it with since the ones we've tried so far have been unsuccessful.  The two that are most commonly used to treat this infection, I'm deathly alleric to and the other 3 that we've tried so far, haven't worked.  So instead of repeatedly trying this medication then that medication and spending a lot of money, he thought this method might be easier for me, and less risk of me having a possible allergic reaction.

I have gotten a lot of nail mail in the last few days and have been doing some swatching so I can sit down and do some major posting, starting Monday.  :0)  I also got my first Ipsy/MyGlam Bag that I plan to review for y'all as well.  April will be the blogs 6 month anniversary and I am planning another give-away then.  I am  considering moving the blog to another site and would like to get y'alls feedback before I do.  If I do, do y'all think I should leave the name as it is or should I change it to something a little easier to remember or does anyone have a name they would like to suggest?  I am open to ideas.  I also got a new camera and am learning how to use it.  It's not actually brand new, but it is new to me (it was my son's but is now mine and is much more fancy than my point and shoot camera is).

I will post again later in the day with an actual polish review.  :)  I just wanted to get this update out to y'all because I knew some would be wondering what was going on and if there were any updates.  It's 2:30 am now and I believe I hear my pillows calling my name.  In just over 2 hours, I'm going to be hearing the alarm yelling at me, so I'm off to try to get myself a bit of a nap.  :0)  I hope y'all have a great Saturday!

As always, thank you for spending a few minutes with me today.  Take care and huggles!


  1. Best wishes for a smooth surgery and speedy recovery!

  2. Also, why are you thinking of moving? I just found you here. :)

  3. Welcome aboard Karen, I'm so glad that you found us! Thank you very much for the well wishes as well, although at the moment, I will have to put them on the back burner as both of my surgeries have been put on hold for now due to an unexpected test result. Once we get that taken care of, hopefully they'll get me back on the schedules fairly quick so I can get them both done and over with.

    The move for the blog is just an idea at this point. I was thinking of maybe getting my own domain name, but I think I am going to hold off on that for awhile yet and take a wait and see approach with it for now. :0) I am glad that you asked about it though.

    May I ask how you found Older Ladies Like Color Too?


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