Wednesday, November 7, 2012

And now some more Different Dimensions

Good evening, my darling readers.  As you already know, I  me some Different Dimensions polish!  I have two of her polishes to share with you this evening.

Since yesterday was Election Day and I got this polish when Missi had a promotion on her Facebook page a couple months ago, encouraging voter registration, I decided to wear the polish she sent me, which is called Right to Vote 2012.  Application of this polish is a dream.  It glided on smoothly and the glitter applied pretty evenly over the nail and I had no issue with any sticking up anywhere.  It has a slight hint of bluish grey to the base with white hexes and the glitter is red and blue.  This would also make a great 4th of July polish.  I used 1 coat of Beauty Secret ridge filler as my base and 4 coats Right to Vote with 1 coat of Out the Door to finish it off.

Without further ado, for your viewing enjoyment:

Look at those pretty blue & red glitters.

Can you see those white hexes too?

Overall, I think this was the perfect polish choice for Election Day, for me.  :0)

Up next, Red Room of Pain, after the jump.

I haven't yet read the book 50 Shades, but book is what this polish is based on.  As soon as I got it on, I fell in love.  It sparkles and sparkles, and well, you get the picture..., if you look below.  ;<)

The photo's really don't do this polish justice.
I'll have to try to get better photo's outside next time we have some sun.

I love how this looks.  I couldn't quit looking at it while I was wearing it.

You can find Different Dimensions on Facebook here.  And you can find her shop on Etsy here.  The shop owner, Missi, has fantastic customer service and she ships super quick.  If you have something you don't see in her shop, don't be afraid to ask her if she could do a custom order for you.

As always, thank you for spending a few minutes with me.  Have a great Wednesday evening!  Huggles!

*The polishes in this post were bought and paid for with my own funds.*


  1. I love the red polish! The pink shade is pretty but not a shade I sway to. My current solution for pix indoors is pretty simple using a couple of sheets of A4 white printer paper with two well placed folds and it really helps get light on winter evenings. I have a post already written up on it, I just need to get pictures. I haven't got room for a lightbox!

  2. I wrote white when thinking pink, god I'm an idiot! I've just published my photo set up blog post if you want to take a look


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