Sunday, March 23, 2014

Rainbow Honey, March Challenge, and some ink.


Hello darling readers!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend so far.  My hubby works swing shift and his days off rotate so this is the first full week-end he's had off in awhile.  A couple of weeks ago, on my birthday, we stopped in at the tattoo shop that we like to go to, just to see if they had any walk-in appointments available because I've been wanting to get a hummingbird tattoo for about 6 years now as a tribute to my grandmother, who passed away in 2009.  She loved to watch the hummingbirds everyday when they would come to the feeder and she would tell me all about them every time I talked with her with such excitement and it made me happy to know how happy they made her so when I found this photo, I knew I had to have it done one day.  Unfortunately, the night we stopped in, they were competely booked, so we had to make appointments (my hubby also wanted to get a memorial tattoo for his Dad, who we lost 6 months ago) and the first available one that we could take was for last night.  Anyway, long story short, this is what I had done last night.

And now  onto the nail stuff after the jump.  :0)

Back at the end of January, I received a big surprise in my mailbox, a package from Rainbow Honey with 5 mini polishes along with a letter stating what was enclosed.  I was really excited because 1) I wasn't expecting it, and 2) it will give me more experience with Press Samples.

First up are two polishes from the Sweet Talk Collection, which was released in 2013.  They include:  Be Mine, XOXO, and Sweet Talk.  For 2014, this set has made a return with three new polishes:  My Girl, Cutie Pie, and Lovebug.  I saw this collection last year when it was first released and have been wanting to try both of the ones I received since I first saw them.

"lovely kiss of pink on your nails - a "crelly" finish polish with a dusting of microshimmer and gold flecks"

"a ravishing blend of glitters and flakes in a clear base for easy use over any manicure!"

Next up is a polish from the Summer of 199x collection.  This full collection includes 10 polishes and inspired by the SNES video game from 1995 called Earthbound.  Personally, I had never heard of this game, but then I never was much for playing video games except Pac-Man.  That was a game I was obsessed with while I was expecting my daughter, back in 1984.  This collection includes:  Tiny Ruby, Fire Spring, Pink Cloud, The Krakken, Lumine Hall, Magic Cake, Apple Kid, Tessie, Mint Flavor, and I Miss You.  This collection was sold as a complete set of 10 polishes and also in two sets of  5 polishes each.  I received The Krakken and think it is gorgeous!

'"a marine jelly with a blue and green glow filled with glitters, shimmer, and the sea monster’s own holographic Crashing Boom Bang!"

Next up is Summer Blossom.  This polish was offered free with purchase of $50 last July.  This is how Rainbow Honey describes Summer Blossom:

'"festival of orange, yellow, and white blossoms in a sea of iridescent and holographic glitters."

And last, but not least, we have Papillion, which is part of the Midnight Garden Collection, which was just relased this month.  This collection includes 12 polishes, 3 scented top coats, and 3 perfumes.  The polishes are broken down into 3 categories:  The Glitters:  Papillion, Metalmark, Foxglove Foxtrot, Midnight Fountain, and Evening Viola, The Shimmers:  Sparkling Agave, Swordlily, and Prussian Sky, and The Cremes:  Cymbidium, Charaxes, Tayabak, and Viola.  The scented top coats and perfumes have the same names, which are:  Burbon Rose, Lavandula, and Saissetia.

This is Papillion:

"Shimmering and bright with its holographic butterflies and iridescent glitters,"

I liked all the colors I received, but I think I liked The Krakken the best.  There is just something about an aquamarine that gets me every time.  Which of these do you like?  Here is where you can find Rainbow Honey:

Website:  Rainbow Honey
Twitter:  Rainbow_Honey

I also want to take a moment to remin any one that wants to take part in the March challenge that you have just over a week to complete it.  If you've forgotten what it is, it's very simple....just use the color green in a mani.  It doesn't have to be anything fancy,  you can just to an all green mani if you want or you can do something as elaborate as you want it to be.  It's entirely up to you.  April 1st I will be announcing April's challenge.

That's is all I have, for the moment.  :0)  I wish you all a wonderful Sunday!  I will be back soon with the give-away details and photo's of what the lucky winner will be getting, so be on the lookout for that post real soon.  As always, thank you for taking a few minutes of your day to spend with me.  Huggles!

*the samples provided in this post were provided by the manufacturer for my honest review.  All opinions are my own, I was in no way compensated.*


  1. Lovely swatches, Angela! Thanks for tipping me off to the Summer of 199x collection. Earthbound is an awesome game and the polishes are beautiful.

    1. I'm happy you discovered a collection you hadn't otherwise known about before. I don't know anything about the game myself, but I think there are some beautiful colors that came from it. I imagine it must be pretty colorful. :0) I appreciate that you stopped by and also appreciate your thoughtful comment. Thank you! :D

  2. Isn't it cool getting press samples?!? I love it! Where are we posting or sending our photos for the March Challenge? I've actually done a ton of Green Manis this month! LOL

  3. Kelly, it is pretty awesome, even though I've only done it for one company so far. It's a good way to get their company name out there. You can e-mail me your photo any time. :0) Hopefully for the April challenge, I'll have figured out how to do the Inlinkz thing and we'll use that, but for now, y'all can e-mail them to me. Here is the addy you can use: tndrft001 at gmail dot com. :D I can't wait to see what you've done!


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