Saturday, October 27, 2012

Nail Mail...again

Good morning, my darling readers.  It's early Saturday morning and I hope everyone is getting an opportunity to sleep in today.  I had an exciting week.  I won two different give-aways, received an Etsy order, and hubby surprised me with a bottle of polish I looked at while at Sally's last night, China Glaze's Strawberry Fields.

First we have the give-away items I won from the Halloween give-away that Lacquer-Loving Lawyer had on her blog.  The prizes were 3 polishes from Blackheart Beauty made for Hot Topic.  The colors are Party Action, WTFushia, and Deceit as well as Sally Hanson Salon Effect's Numbskull Design.  I was really excited about the nail strips as I've been wanting to try them since they first came out.

The photo's, for your viewing pleasure:

Of course, Mr MoJo is back to inspect everything.

It looks like he's thinking, "Where's the catnip?"

From left to right:  Party Action, WTFushia, Deceit

Polishes and the nail strips.

More after the jump.

The second give away was the Halloween is The Bestest Holiday Ever give-away that Wishes of a Blue-Eyed Girl had on her blog.  She had six (6) prizes and I won prize number 5, the OPI So So Skullicious minis set.  This set includes the colors:  Hi, Pumpkin, A-Rose from the Dead, Morning Glory, and Candlelight as well as some skull decals.  

A few photo's for your viewing pleasure:

The envelope it arrived in.  MoJo didn't get to inspect this one since I didn't let him up on my desk.

The mini bottles.  They are 1/8 oz each and are sooo cute!  Not sure if I'm going to use them or just look at them.  :0)

There were some extra's in the envelope I didn't expect: more nail decals, fimo decals, a nail file, and candy. The Reese's didn't last long.  ;<)

Next up, I joined Julep and received my intro box!  I'm not sure if I'm going to stay with Julep or not, that is why I'm not including the referral link just yet.  I'm going to go ahead and get the November box, then make up my mind.  For the price of 1 Julep box, I could get two other subscription boxes, so it's something I'm going to have to think a bit on.  I do like two of the colors I received in my intro box, but the third, I'm not sure about.  I'm don't think a yellow creme will look very good with my skin tone, but then again, it may surprise me.

Without further ado, the photo's:

And Mr MoJo is back, to inspect the box.

The Julep order comes in a very nice box that can be reused for something else.

There was a welcome note and a booklet.

A cute little bag with the Julep logo on it.

Inside the bag, tissue paper.  :0)

Inside the tissue paper, wrapped very well, the new babies have arrived!

From left to right:  Morgan, Claire, and Blake.

And finally, the Etsy order I received, from Different Dimension.  I ordered these items during a sale Missi had announced on her Facebook page.  She's really good about getting things shipped out in a manner time, but she missed my order somehow, which was okay as I wasn't in a big hurry.  To make up for it, she included a couple extra items although I told it was okay if she didn't.  I thought it was incredibly sweet of her.  :0)

And now for the photo's:

MoJo checking the order over. 

 Red Room of Pain, a beautiful red glitter.  

On Wednesday's We Wear Pink, wearing this one now and will review it later this afternoon.

 Inner Goddess, a beautiful irridescent overcoat.

My order, including the lip balm and cuticle balm I ordered and an extra lip balm and cuticle balm she included to make up for shipping later than she would have liked.

And there we have my nail mail for the week ending 26 October 2012.  Lots of goodies I can't wait to try!  Out of everything here, what would you try first?

Have you won any give-aways?  If so, what did you win and from who?

Thank you for spending some time with me this morning.  Have a wonderful Saturday!  Huggles!

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