Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Post explaining why I've been gone is coming soon....

I just wanted to let y'all know that I am working on that post now.  It's just taking me a bit longer than I thought because it's a long story.  For those who haven't followed me on social media and don't know what's been up, you may want to stayed tuned.  For those who do know somewhat about what's been up but don't know the whole story but want more details, you are welcome to stick around too for when I get it published (probably tomorrow, but don't be surprised if I can't get to it until Friday, k?)....

For those that are new and for those who've stuck around all this time, please stand by....I have a give-away coming up very, very soon!!!!  :D

It's been waaaayyyy tooo long, but....

I am back and ready to go.  I will be writing a longer post later today so please be on the look-out.  Thanks!

Friday, July 18, 2014

An update and a mani!

Good afternoon, darling readers!  It's about time I'm back, yes?  lol  I'm not sure what my posting schedule will be like, in the next few weeks, but I'll try to post as often as I feel up to it.

I thought this would be a good time to give y'all an update.  My hubby is back to work, as of June 9th.  Last week, they did have a little incident with one of the tanks and closed for a couple of days so they could fire up their other tank, but thankfully, it didn't affect us, too much.

Unfortunately, in order to retain his job, my hubby did have to take a 7% pay cut and give up the company match on his 401(k) plan, but we will adjust.  He still has a job, for now.  The company is still having quite a few financial problems and we still do not know yet if they will remain open, but for now, at least he is working.  Also a little more news, my son also got to return to work, finally, a week ago today!

This work furlough has forced us to take a good look at our own financial situation and spending habits.  We will probably continue to go without some of the little 'luxuries' we had gotten used to, only because we realized we can really live without them.  Instead of going on polish buying binges, I've been learning to shop my own stash and realize I have some really pretty polishes already although there are more I'd like to have, I don't have to immediately go out and buy them.  I've done some trading of polishes I know that I will never wear to get some of those polishes I really want to try and in so doing, found out how much fun that can be.

I also started on the Summer of Untrieds Challenge that Julie of Wishes of A Blue Eyed Girl started on July 1st.  I am behind, at this point, because I decided to do the BlissKiss Oil Challenge, in the middle of it.  I'll tell y'all more about that in a future post.  :)  I'd been sharing most of my mani's on my Instagram page, but have decided to share them with y'all here too.

Day 1 was OPI and unfortunately, I forgot to save the photo to my computer so I will have to link y'all to it here.  This is OPI "Have You Seen My Limo".

Day 2 was Glitter Topper.  I chose to use two of my Blue Eyed Girl Lacquers for this one.  Photo's are below.

From left to right:  BEGL "Electric Icicle", BEGL "Untrodden Snow", and Polish Your Hooves glitter tamer formula (the actual name eludes me just now, lol).

And on the nails.

Unfortunately both of the BEGL's have been discontinued and are no longer available through Julie's shop (link above).  

You can follow Blue Eyed Girls Lacquer Facebook page here, Instagram here, and her blog here.

This challenge is mainly taking place on Instagram and is tagged as #summerofuntrieds.

Thank you all so much for sticking with me through the difficult challenge my family has been facing and for all the support y'all have shown me (it may not show up on the blog as comments or whatnot, but I have had many messages of support over the last few weeks from many of you and it is deeply appreciated!).

I'm not quite sure when I will be back again, but I will try not to let so much time go between updates.  I'm still trying to get back on track, medically speaking, and it's taking me much longer than I had anticipated, but hopefully, soon, we'll have that little monster corralled and I'll be back on my  feet again in no time. :)

Thank you again, for being with me today and taking a moment of your time to check out what I've been up to.  Have a great day!  Huggles!