Friday, January 11, 2013

Mani with December NAS kit

Good evening, my darling readers!  I thought I would post the mani I did with the December 2012 Nail Art Society bag, real quick.  It's very, very messy, so please forgive me.  I was in a hurry and I was having a problem with having these little seizures I sometimes get that are called 'myloclonic seizures'.  They normally only happen at night and mainly in my hands but for some reason, I think because I was anxious, they  popped up while I was doing my mani.  Anyway, for your viewing pleasure, here y'all go.  :0)

I didn't realize exactly how bad this looked until I saw the photo's.  :(

This mani is coming off  ASAP since it is so messed up!

While I did like both of these polishes (I had no application issues at all, polish flowed easy and the brushes are nice & wide), I'm not a huge fan of matte finishes.  They just seem to miss that umph I'm used to.  It does give a  nice option though for something different for when I'm in the mood for different so I'm not going to dismiss it completely out of hand, that is why I do have one matte topcoat on hand.  :)  I'm really looking forward to receiving my January NAS bag, which is on it's way.

As always, thank you for taking a few moments to spend with me!  Huggles!


  1. I like the color combo! I wouldn't have taken it off. You could have added something to make you happier without wasting all your effort, like maybe glitter in the purple color and gradient it up a little over the silver color or practice a technique on top like striping or dots or stamping. Anyway, I thought it was pretty and your nails are so nice and long and even. Don't be so hard on yourself!

    1. Thank you! I haven't actually removed it yet, so I added a line of silver glitter at the base of the magenta and I plan to practice my stamping a bit. I'll upload a couple new photo's when I get finished with the modifications. :0) Love the ideas for the changes, much appreciated!

    2. Saw the glitter addition! Love it! And, like Emma mentioned below, Smudge Fixer is great. I use Orly Smudge Fixer at home when I am doing my manis or pedis. I keep a bottle of the less expensive Nutra Nail brand product in my purse to fix a smudge, dent or chip on the go. If I can use the smudge fixer on a tiny chip outside the house to smooth the edges at least, then it doesn't keep chipping. Otherwise by the time I get home, the domino effect has taken its toll on so much of the polish that it's not salvagable anymore.

    3. Thank you for letting me know about the Nutra Nail. Next time I'm shopping, I'll have to look for both of those smudge fixer products and try them to see which works best for me.

  2. I was going to put something which my good friend above already did: don't be so hard on yourself, try adding something over it, have you tried Orly smudge fixer? The slight crease on the tip of the index finger is something I get ALL the time and I use smudge fixer to straightn it back. Another idea I was going to suggest was to try these with topcoat. I used China Glaze stonecold last night (my left hand is a horrible mess but luckily I blog with my right!) With this polish it reallllllly comes to life when topcoated with a shiny polish. I'm planning on wearing it matte today, sorting any tipwear tonight and shinying it up for tomorrow!

  3. Thank you both so much for the advice! It's invaluable to someone still learning things. :0) Huggles to you both.


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